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Meeting & Event Calendar

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Professional People, Quality Referrals!

We are a diverse group of professionals dedicated to increasing each other's business by giving quality referrals to fellow members and enhancing business relationships with integrity and mutual trust. We are educating each other through shared knowledge and experience and impacting our businesses and community in a positive way.

Eugene BGN meets weekly.  Please Contact Us for meeting location and details.  We are currently inviting new members.

For more information regarding our membership and our application process, click here.

Business NetworkingLight up your sky with new and better business connections.  Join us for this fun and highly effective event designed to accelerate your networking, make quality contacts and have meaningful conversations. 

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For more information about becoming a member, visit our Contact page. 

Eugene BGN members receive a free webpage with membership.  Increase your business presence simply by networking!


Our primary focus is to help members increase business through quality referrals.  Our members contribute to this growth by actively referring business, personal and casual prospects to other members in the group. 


Through this group we're able to learn more about our members and their businesses, so that you feel confident about who you're referring to, that your referrals will be well taken care of. 


Each week, a member presents an education highlight to help business owners become more organized, more successful, and more informed about technology, business relationships, goal-setting, and other areas of member interest.


Eugene Area BGN is committed to the econimic and social health of our community.